BriskGo.( Come and fall in love with it)


BriskGo.( Come and fall in love with it)

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BriskGo is based on hyperlocality business model. It will be dealing with the retail market and with local stores(such as General stores). We will be focusing on to improve the ailing infrastructure of local stores by designing them in a such manner so that they can reflect a brand (BriskGo) and also providing convenience to customer who used to stand out side stores waiting to get their order. It will  also taking these stores online and selling their products. It will provide that much convenience for the delivery person that they will be consuming only minutes and it will also track the location of the customer who has ordered online so that the delivery person will pick up the products only from the nearest store to the customer’s place.
Projects like BriskGo
Grofers, Amazon Kirana
Advantages of BriskGo over other existing projects ——->>
* Picking up the products from the nearest store to the customer’s place
* Improving the infrastructure  or designing and standardizing the local stores and also placing the perishable products in special containers.
* Ease of access
* Best Hospitality to the customers waiting outside the stores as we will be providing the guidelines on how they have to deal with the customers.
* Putting the boards of BriskGo logo on the stores so they represent a brand. And the brand assure a quality.

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