Waste Tire Recycling plant in Ukraine


Waste Tire Recycling plant in Ukraine

We are a small Ukrainian company.

For a long time engaged in marketing and came to the idea of creating a plant (network) for processing used tires and plastics as on date,
environmental issues are relevant and can make good profit from processing and not just recycling.
We have developed an investment plan that will enable the monitoring and increasing sales to manufacturers not only rubber goods but also new types of coatings used
in processing rubber and plastic products.
To implement our plan to invite Investor/Partner with the possibility of creating a joint venture on the territory of Ukraine.
The entire plan consists of three phases:
1. The establishment of the processing (s) of the plant (s)
2. Implementation of the scheme Ovate manufacturers.
3. Engaging consumers regard manufacturers and processors to achieve the ultimate goal and entering the maximum return

If You haven’t enough funds to invest full cycle, We can offer You to collect collaborators and build Investmet company, where devision of income will be between collaborators as proportional to investment.
Devision of funds will be made by the rules of articles of built company, that will be built with all the callobarators.

Our contacts:
tel: +380 44 529 13 22 mob: +380 94 926 41 93 (Michael),
skype: mykiev1
mob: +380 66 343 65 55 (Eugene) “Viber”, “WhatsApp”,
skype: speakerua1
e-mail: office@tim-kiev.in.ua

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