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Caribbean Housing, Hotel and Car Rental Project. Investors Needed.

  • Caribbean Housing, Hotel and Car Rental Project. Investors Needed.


Type : Partners, Investors & Joint Venture
Date : November 16, 2018
Location : Dominica

Thanks for responding to my proposal on the housing project for the island of Dominica. Dominica is the most beautiful of the Caribbean islands thus having named ” The Nature Island of the Caribbean.
In 2017, the island was almost completely destroyed by a category 5 hurricane (Maria). The government has now implemented new housing codes to build hurricane, earthquake and fire resistant homes. Right now there is a great demand for these WEATHER RESISTANT HOMES.The Government is asking investors to come help build homes to help with this shortage.
We plan on taking advantage of this opportunity to build 150 OCEAN VIEW, HIGH END new homes over a 8  year time frame.Each home will be a steel prefab home that will meet or exceed the demands of the new building code. Each home will be between 2200 to 3500 and 4500 square feet and above based on customer demand.Each home will be priced between $400000 to $600000 US plus . The total cost of building each home will be approximately $200000 and above thus enabling a net profit of $200000 and more per house.
We will be raising $1.3 million USD. in investor capital and finance another $3.5 million fund the entire project.
We intend on building these houses in Stages 1 through 6.  Each Phase will require 9 land acres with 25 homes built.Each building lot will be approximately 50ft wide and 100 ft long and larger.
We will use 100% solar and wind electricity on wind and solar farms to create another stream of income.
After the sale of the first phase, all investors will be repaid the full invested amount and subsequently at the sale of each phase thereafter, the investor will receive another 85% of their initial deposit.Any investor investing $400000 or more will receive a FREE 1000sq ft.vacation home deeded to them.( THAT’S A $200000 VALUE) and anyone investing $300000 will receive a 15% discount on any new home purchase.  We intend to take this model to St. Lucia and Grenada.
The remainder of the profits will be used to build the 80 room Econo Hotel (20 rooms will be larger for families)  and Car Rental business at a cost of about $4 million US. We project that we will receive approximately $160000 monthly gross revenue from the hotel and car rental business. The net profit will be shared annually among the investors thus creating  residual income.   We intend to take this model to St. Lucia ,Grenada and St. Vincent thus bringing the scope of the operation to approximately $64 million in profit.
Francis Philbert .  8  13 5  62  39     14. Call or Text for Details to see how you can partner with us

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