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Type : Agency, Franchise & Distributorship
Date : November 1, 2018
Location : 131, Nong Hang, Sansai, Maejo, Thailand

AFA is breaking down barriers with a simple, unified communication solution powered by the most modern technology. By rethinking the way business owners connect and communicate , we are reshaping the future. With over 60 Web and Social Media sites, we are in the forefront to provide companies with a “Global Voice”. 

We are creating a better tomorrow where people can easily communicate their brand through our platforms—transforming company workflows, strengthening personal and business relationships, and laying the foundation for new ground-breaking ideas.

What is AFA?

AFA offers partners the opportunity to join one of the fastest growing professions – business coaching and business expansion with a strong emphasis on the SME market. In 2012, AFA became the first group, offering all-inclusive business expansion and franchise training courses in Thailand. Our Business is all about working with and Developing African, Arab and Asian brands. In Asia, 50% of the GDP is generated by Small and Medium Sized Enterprises creating 80% of all jobs.

Our Revenue Streams.  

1.By the import and export of franchise brands

2.Through Franchise Seminars and training courses.

3.Through Cross-Border Collaborations ( Africa-China-Asia )

4.Getting brands franchise ready for international franchise entry

5.Through our platforms of business sales and acquisitions

6.Shareholdings in the SME sector

7.Consultancy services

8.Franchise Sales, and ongoing Royalties

9.Designing and Managing Advertising/PR and Marketing Campaigns for Companies

Our Partners come from a range of industries but one thing they all have in common is the love of learning and helping people and companies to succeed. At AFA we currently work with some 40 companies and projects in 33 countries. Under development, our new concept AFA Gold for outstanding business opportunities and several new strategic global alliances. To develop AFA into the world’s leading SME consultancy with an international network of country partner consultants/mentors is our mission.

AFA has become the fastest growing business expansion consultancy. Our business model works on the basis of a franchise. Partners can secure a country or region under franchise with afa for a low master franchise fee. In exchange of the low fee, we in turn become 50% nett revenue partners in franchise sales and franchise brand development whereby any consultancy work is 100% the partners income. A country master franchise starts from $ 18.000 for a 10 year term. We can offer payment plan options.


Mr. Maxime N.C. King

Our Senior Partners have a very impressive track record. Mr. Maxime N.C. King is also the Chairman of 21st Maritime Silk Road Foundation and a highly established entrepreneur with strong connections throughout Africa and China. (photo attached) Mr. Maxime is based in Mauritius. In Mauritius AFA was commissioned to design the first Mauritian Franchise brand, called King Kong Noodle which was launched in Mauritius back in April where I was a speaker at the China-Africa Peace and Development Forum. We launched Africa Franchise Academy at the Forum back in April. Mr. Maxime is also owner of the Coral Azur Hotel in Mauritius and CEO of several companies.

Mr. Kelvin Law.

Kelvin has over 25 year extensive experience in banking, insurance, risks management, brand building, brand development and government foreign relations in New York, Toronto, Hong Kong and China. He has been a part-time lecturer at The University of Hong Kong, and as Chief Overseas advisor in establishing Zhejiang University Research Institute in Shenzhen.

Kelvin holds a Master degree in Engineering from Cornell University. Kelvin is the first Hong Kong entrepreneur to serve as a juror of The Guangdong Zhuhai Intermediate People’s Court. He is also the first Hong Kong person to become an Arbitrator of The People’s Court of Hengqin New Area in Zhuhai.

Kelvin is also a Fellow member of the Institute of Public Accountants (IPA), Institute of Financial Accountants (IFA), International Association of Registered Financial Planners (IARFP) and the Society of Chartered Risk Management Assessor (CRMA). Kelvin also serves as Chairman of IARFP Hong Kong and South China Region, the Governor of the Shenzhen World Trade Center Club, and President of several business chamber of commerce and associations.

Our business is all about deal-making and cross-border collaborations. To this effect we are highly active in China, throughout Asia and Africa. We are not only involved in franchising but also with substantial development projects, through the 21st Century Maritime Silk Road Foundation.

AFA partners work with business owners, helping them in several areas including; Business Expansion within the Domestic and International Arena and business growth strategies. The results are not only a more profitable and sustainable business, but also a dramatically improved life for our clients, making it a fantastically rewarding and fulfilling experience for AFA partners.

We are powerfully dedicated to helping business owners realise their greatest potential by working with them to create high quality brand exposure, cutting-edge branding and developing a strong online presence. Collectively, this assists in truly paving an effective way forward as businesses find their place within their market stream.

To acknowledge the entrepreneurial spirit, pride and determination that so many of the entrepreneurs radiate in their pursuit for business success and prosperity, Asian Franchise Academy is geared to strategically develop and promote companies we believe will have international potential. We provide entrepreneurs with the tools to access international markets. We believe to access international markets and to benefit from globalization cannot only be the privilege of the top 5% of global companies.

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