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Look for Partners to Develope a Tourist Town in Canada


Type : Partners, Investors & Joint Venture
Date : January 29, 2019
Location : 111 Blackthorn Rd NE

In a tourist town in western Canada, the population is about 7,000, and the annual tourist population is about 370,000.
There are world famous dinosaur museums and unique terrain features.
I have invested in a commercial building in the downtown area, three floors, each floor of 6,000 square feet (550 square meters). The total area is approximately 18,000 square feet (1600 square meters).
Most of the town’s business is not competitive, about 1 hour and 20 minutes drive from the big city.
After a period of investigation and research, there are two projects that can be done.
1. Pure tourist location theme indoor playground (naughty castle), video playground, city golf, VR, birthday party room, simple food restaurant. The investment is about $30-500,000, and the report is about 8%.
With the help of local tourism resources, a theme-style playground will be established. Equipment can be imported from China, with one-time investment, low maintenance costs, and recruitment of employees without academic qualifications, which is convenient for recruiting. A unique business with low risk and high demand.
2. Fruit and vegetable supermarkets, or distinctive retail.
The town is more than an hour away from the big city. Because there is no competition, the quality of local fruits and vegetables is lower than that of the big cities, and the prices are much higher. Low investment and high returns.
Seek partners.
1. Have experience in operating the playground, if not, but are willing to go to China for research and study, and purchase equipment to work together. Ability to manage business in the town. I can assist, but I cannot participate in management full time because of other work.
2. Have supermarket management experience and supply channels. Can be managed independently.
Development plan and prospects:
The establishment of business, with the advantage of the town’s tourism and no competitive advantage, and the town tourism promotion department, as a tourist attraction to promote the amusement project, local residents can sell quarterly cards, annual cards, to achieve partial investment in advance.
After the cash flow is stable, if you are unwilling to continue management, you can recruit managers and continue other projects.
According to the financial report, in the second year and the third year, you can assist local students to apply for work visas and immigration. If there are provincial nominations and investment immigration projects, they can also provide related services.
Interested parties, for more details, can be contacted by phone or email. China Phone 13770631208, Canada Phone 5878828830, or you can send message to me.



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  • April 29, 2019

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