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Looking for investors to join a project to sell Italian Cosmetics to China and Asia

  • Looking for investors to join a project to sell Italian Cosmetics to China and Asia
  • Looking for investors to join a project to sell Italian Cosmetics to China and Asia
  • Looking for investors to join a project to sell Italian Cosmetics to China and Asia


Type : Partners, Investors & Joint Venture
Date : February 25, 2019
Location : Foashan

Ever Power Engineering Limited is a Hong Kong Company owned by Dr. Angelo Alvisi and Dr. Eng. Mario Alvisi. EPEL owns a new brand of Italian Cosmetics, this project is to set up a new Company in Hong Kong able to marketing and sell these Cosmetics in China Mainland, Macao, Hong Kong and Asia. To sell in mainland China, the Hong Kong company will create a Chinese company with all Certifications for importing, distributing and selling cosmetics.
EPEL has developed cosmetic products tailored and fit for the high-end segment Chinese market; EPEL has management know how, brand ownership, technology, Business Plan, Market research and all necessary to deploy this Project.
China Cosmetics market is huge, first in the world, worth 251.4 Billion RMB in 2017 and growing each year with an average rate of 35%.
Italy is number one in the world for cosmetics production, most big and well-known Italian and worldwide brands use Italian companies to produce their cosmetics; Italian producers have the best quality and production capability.
First marketing approach for China mainland is to sell via cross border B2C so we identified a Company based in Foshan that does cross border B2C and B2B for Cosmetics; this Company has an agreement with a network of more than 1.000 shops in all China Mainland. In parallel we open a Company in China with all licenses to import, distribute and sell cosmetics. This strategy is in order to control the ownership of the brand and the network of agents, distributors and business customers.
EPEL has developed 6 products to start this activity and designed a brand and logo based on Italian characteristics. In the future more cosmetic products will be developed, in particular cosmeceuticals.
The total investment of this project is RMB 8,050,000 (eight million and RMB 50,000), EPEL is looking for investors who invest this capital against 70% of the shares of the Hong Kong company. Every 1% of the shares has a value of RMB 115,000 (one hundred and fifteen thousand RMB). EPEL will have 30% of the Company’s shares conferring the exclusive and all the Know-how for the implementation of the Project to the Hong Kong Company.
With this investment it is possible to open an office/warehouse in Hong Kong, move first container to Hong Kong and pay human resources necessary for the business. As soon as the Hong Kong Company is open it invests in the mainland Chinese Company.
The return of this investment is set up at the end of second year because we have a First Year Grace in order to avoid that cash flow becomes negative.
At the end of the second year a return on investment is expected with a dividend yield of RMB 32,672,000 corresponding to RMB 326,720 for every 1% of the Company’s shares. However, leaving RMB 8,050,000, equal to the investment initially made, in the Company’s coffers to continue its activities.

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