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Type : Partners, Investors & Joint Venture
Date : April 27, 2019
Location : Namugongo, Jjanda, Kyaliwajjala Ward, Kira Municipality , Wakiso District, Central Uganda

I envisage setting up a start-up, engaging in renewable energy. And my initial focus is centered to the production of bio-diesel from used cooking oil and later on from any other non-edible plant oils and animal fats.

With a view to create jobs and at the same time put waste to useful means, I have borrowed a leaf from ”Tapera Industries Ltd”- Zambia, to put good use to used cooking oil to the production of bio-diesel.

World over, millions of litres of used cooking oil are wasted and flushed down the sink in home kitchens, restaurants and hotels. What a waste! Yet, all that used oil can easily be converted into bio-diesel, a fuel just like ordinary diesel that could power trucks and machinery.

Bio-diesel is a cleaner and better performing fuel than diesel, and it’s a surprise it’s not very popular in Africa yet. Bio-diesel is very different from the ‘normal’ diesel many of us know. The diesel we are used to is produced by refining petroleum (also known as “Crude Oil”). Crude oil which is classified as a ‘fossil fuel’ or ‘non-renewable fuel’ can only be found deep beneath the earth’s surface, from where it is recovered and refined into several products including petrol (gasoline) kerosene and diesel.

In addition, Bio-diesel is not in any way related to or made from crude oil. Unlike ordinary diesel, bio-diesel is renewable and clean-burning type of diesel that is made from vegetable oils. Yes, vegetable oils! It can be made from most types of vegetable oils including soybean oil, canola oil, palm oil, and most other popular oils.

Bio-diesel that can be made from Waste Vegetable Oils (WVOs) are the oils that have been used for frying and cooking food in home kitchens, restaurants and anywhere else you can find waste cooking oils that maybe wasted or flashed down the sink after use.

Bio-diesel is indeed a revolutionary type of oil that is already shaping our energy options for the future since it is proven to give higher engine performance, more lubricity and emits less carbon and toxic gases than the ordinary diesel we are used to.

With this background about my project idea, I’m hereby looking for an investor to partner with so that he avails funding for this start-up enterprise. As such, I’m forwarding my request to the world at large for any interested party to liaise with me so as to foster ahead this project.



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