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Los Angeles Dispensary On Most Famous St in LA Brings in $25,000 Per Day!!!


Type : Sell & Buy
Date : October 30, 2018
Location : N/A .....NDA and POF must be signed to reveal such

I am a great friend and direct to the licensed broker of his best property featured in his brokerage portfolio in all his many years as a licensed  cannabis real estate  broker in California. This particular dispensary is on one of the busiest streets in LA which is a game changer. Its an absolute gem that rakes in $25,000 a day and bringing a little over $9,000,000 in storefront sales for 2018. 2019 storefront is projected to go up to $11,000,000+

Unfortunately, the owner is forced to sell as he has an incurable disease and his health is failing. Even before falling ill it was an absentee ownership, meaning he went in 2-3x a month and almost felt like he was in the way. This is the perfect opportunity for anyone not near Los Angeles or even out of state. Starting up a cannabis dispensary on your own is much blood, sweat and tears equity. This is avoiding the pains of a startup, like in any industry (restaurant, clothing store, or any practice) This is a walk run into a well oiled machine on one of the most famous streets in Los Angeles! 

Its almost always packed and so its a perfect opportunity for someone who wants a business already built, so they avoid the blood, sweat, and tears equity. Perfect opp for one who is out of state and can’t be hands on. Its presently run by 24 women, yes 24 all women staff who are loyal and faithful to the owner. All would like to retain jobs for new owners. All licenses in place, all permits up to date never in any trouble with the city. They have licenses for retail recreational and medical marijuana. They have delivery/distribution license, and a cultivation license (1,700 sq ft for grow) They just received the delivery license so the $9,000,000 just reflects storefront. Once new ownership sets up delivery you could be talking about millions more in revenues. Avg delivery order in LA is $100 and avg # of delivery is 100 for a fair/avg shop and 200+ for a good/great shop. New owners falling into a cash cow with not much labor or investing for them to do. 

Again, brings in $25,000 per day. $100,000 finders fee for any investor/buyer who closes at sale price. SERIOUS buyers only. If you have a buyer or are the potential buyer and would like a conference call with the broker than I can make that happen Just had my time wasted with 2 publicly traded co’s in Canada and supposedly 1/2 dozen deep pocket investors. Seems to be ALL BARK and NO BITE from the 1 month I have been a member. Please don’t even approach unless you have direct contact to buyer/investor. No daisy chains or middle man reps. If you know you have a buyer and they are ready for a conference call directly with the broker, than please feel free to reach out. An NDA can be signed guaranteeing your $100,000 finders fee from my friend the broker. Payable via check or bank wire after 30-45 days in escrow. Thank You for your time and LETS MAKE A DEAL! 

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