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Seeking Business Partner who can takeover sourcing for an established business

  • Seeking Business Partner who can takeover sourcing for an established business


Type : Partners, Investors & Joint Venture
Date : May 23, 2019
Location : New Zealand

I am seeking a partner in who could become involved in my Company for the future, if you like a “succession plan”. The business is involved in 8 different areas as follows;

1.Water Garden we have established a very good business in New Zealand with our own brand now number 1 in the market. The products have mainly been sourced from China. The big opportunity for these ranges is to enter the Australian market we have tested this and our products would be very well accepted. All our designs are manufactured to New Zealand and Australian standards.   

2.Jade Jewelery this is becoming well established in New Zealand and is sold at airport, museums, and souvenir outlets. The stone is from Canada, its carved in Asia. Two years ago we introduced silver components with the Jade stone now this will be expanded with gold. 

3.Industrial these are mainly steel products for road drainage. Other metal and plastic parts for Europe, we have a contract with a large USA Company to produce components.

4.Bakery I have a customer, large Australian Company for mainly food dishes and last two years have supplied reasonable number of metal dishes. Recently I acquired a new client who has been established in New Zealand for nearly 100 years. They sell bakery products especially cake related, to every bakery and café in New Zealand. 

5.A new venture has been in environmental/sustainable products for New Zealand and Australia. Both countries have banned single use plastic bags and I have developed recycled cardboard boxes you can see on

6.In addition to these activities I have been working and launched an eCommerce business for New Zealand and Australia that can also be easily changed to be an International business. This is a joint venture with a New Zealand business as they have very good distribution facilities.

7.Corporate Gifts This is another area of the business where there is good potential. Many clients are aware that the Company has very good experience and can supply products like, Electronics, Apparel, Office Stationery, Houseware Items, and gimmicks.

8. Export the Company is based in New Zealand where certain commodities are sought after around the world. We have previously supplied wine, honey, beef, and organic cosmetics. This is another area for expansion. 

As you can see we have been busy with the existing business but with the expansion it has become difficult to effectively “cover all the bases”. Ideally my future partner, preferably a Company, can assume the role of sourcing and supply of all products. They would generate a margin and rebates for this responsibility. This then allows me to concentrate on business development especially for Water Garden expansion and eCommerce “start-up”. In getting the business to this level I have invested my time and expenditure over 15 years and there an initial charge to a future partner or investor as a good will factor. Remembering that the partner is recovering a margin on all purchases which can provide a repayment within the short to medium term. 

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  • May 29, 2019

Hi kindly contact me via whatsapp or email i have good prospects for you. [email protected] Angwa

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